The Human Resources Benefits Coordinator for the Manchester School District is Kristin Venator
The Manchester School District offers a full range of benefits to qualifying employees. 

Open Enrollment for Employees: May 1st - May 12th 
2017-2018 Benefits Information for MSD Employees and Retirees 

2017 Employee Open Enrollment & General Benefit Information

Anthem Medical Insurance Information & Certificate of Coverage

Life Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Medical - 21st Century CCLC Site Coordinators

Medical - 26 Weeks Non Affiliated Employees

Medical - 52 Weeks Non Affiliated Employees

Medical - Administrators

Medical - Board of School Committee

Medical - CI and Interpreter Tutors Employees

Medical - Directors and Coordinators

Medical - Paraprofessional (AFSCME) Employees

Medical - Principals (AMP) Employees

Medical - School Food & Nutrition Employees

Medical - School Support (MESPA) Employees

Medical - Teacher (MEA) Employees

Vitals SmartShopper 

MSD Retirees - Benefit Information and Forms 

 Medical and Prescription Information - Non-Medicare Eligible Retirees 
 Medical and Prescription Information - Medicare Eligible Retirees  
 Delta Dental Information - All Retirees