Fall 2013 Walking Works Program FitBit Winners!

posted Nov 7, 2013, 10:26 AM by HR Administrative Services   [ updated Jun 16, 2015, 12:07 PM by Tammy Hanna ]
 Brenda Baril  Nadire Lutas
 Cynthia Bilodeau     Tammy McLaughlin
 Linda Rea Camarota  Patricia Morris
 Jennifer Campbell  Chelsy Mungere
 James Colby  Tracy Ouimette
 Brianne Corey  Lynn Parenteau
 Jean Dickson  Janet Perron
 Marcia Fanaras Zito  Beverly Perry
 Lisa Hunter  Meghan Perry
 Janine Kerouac  Jane Raymond

In addition, five weekly prize drawings have been held and here are the winners of gift certificates at local sporting goods retailers: Briane Corey, Kelly Farragher-Paras, Kathy McHugh, Karen Rogers, and Terry Seavey.