Summer 2013 Walking Works Program Winners

posted Oct 10, 2013, 5:56 AM by HR Administrative Services
Walking Works Winners

Week 1:     $25    (2)    Sharon Grant and Jan Moore-Simmons

Week 2:     $50    (2)    Shawna Morley and Christina Colantuoni
Week 3:     $75    (2)    Ryan Burgess and Sheila Aubin
Week 4:     $100  (2)    Linda Durand and Paula Greenspan
Week 5:     $125  (2)    Ryan Turowski and Kristen Mazumdar
Week 6:     $150  (2)    Brenda McMillan and Evan Papajohn 
Week 7:     $l75   (2)    Joseph Bowe and Rebecca Domin
Week 8:     $200  (2)    Jillian Corey and Nadire Lutas
Grand Prize - Random winner for 8 weeks of participation:  $1,000   Laureen Bates
Grand Prize - Most Activity (590 Miles):   $1,000   Jade Potts

Winners' Quotes:
    "I have been walking every day with a group from school." 
    "While I was on vacation we played volleyball every day and walked everywhere.  It was fun."
    "I work out at the gym several times a week but when it's nice, I like to walk in the Manchester  
                  parks. Walking around Dorr's Pond is a favorite."
    "It's great to get a prize for something I love to do!"