Fitness Challenge & Prizes!

WalkingWorks® Challenge Update 

We are off to a great start.  Over 340 people registered for our Summer 2013 program on with 300 FitBits distributed and weekly winners of prizes!

You can still sign up.  If you have not registered yet, it is NOT too late to register and participate and win prizes. Registration instructions can be found on this site at Wellness Matters. The program runs October 11th through November 22nd  and exercisers will be entered to win prizes.  Remember to log a minimum of 90 minutes of physical activity from Sunday to Saturday each week.

Please note that although we welcome family members to exercise right alongside our employees, only active employees and school nurses are eligible for prizes. 

What activities can be logged in?  This is a time-based program.  So log the amount of time you spend fitness walking, running, working out at the gym or at home, yoga, cycling, kayaking, hiking, tennis, etc., basically any other healthy physical exercise.   If you log steps or distance, the website will convert that to time.  Individuals with disabilities may participate by logging minutes traveled in a wheelchair, swimming in a pool or time spent performing another form of physical activity. 

Get out there and move and strive to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.  Time spent walking does more than burn calories; it builds muscle and improves heart health.  Shoot for 10,000 steps a day.

RememberIf you have a health condition or have not done any regular physical activity for a long time (men over 40, women over 50), talk to your doctor before starting this exercise program. Everyone should be sure to drink plenty of liquids while exercising.

You may email  if you have questions.