Under Age 65 (U65)

MSD Retiree

  • When you retire from MSD under the age of 65, you have the option of continuing on with the Medical Insurance you had when you were actively employed. Each year on July 1 the plan will renew and you will be included in Open Enrollment to renew your enrollment or make a change.

  • Click on the Tab on the right hand side of this page that you were associated with as an active employee. All of the information pertaining to the medical plans available to you will be listed for your review.

  • Anthem Member Services Can be reached at 1-833-621-0307.

  • For most Employees the HMO and POS Plans have transitioned to Site of Service Plans (SOS). Below you will find the detailed information regarding how this plan feature works with respect to the medical plans.


  • As a retiree you are eligible to enroll in the Smart Shopper Incentive Program if you are enrolled in one of the Anthem plans. Click Here to learn more about the SmartShopper Program.