Transition to Medicare as a Retiree

All Under Age 65 Retirees will age off of the Anthem plan on the first of the month in which they turn 65

  • Two months prior to aging off of the Anthem plan, the MSD Benefits Coordinator will send a Notice/Form to you indicating the date that you will age off of the Anthem Health plan. This Notice/Form will include questions that you will answer regarding the continuation of Healthcare Coverage with the District.

  • You will Return the Form, a copy of your Medicare Card indicating that you are enrolled in parts A & B of Medicare for the 1st of the month that you are tuning 65*, and how you will be paying for the premium. You may also be requested to complete a Social Security Form showing you have been enrolled in an employer sponsored group insurance policy. If you need this, the form is located on this page two bullets below.

  • Please be sure to sign and date the Notice/Form to be returned to the MSD benefits coordinator.

  • Aging off Retirees should contact Medicare to enroll in Parts A & B 2 to 3 months prior to their specific aging off date. Please reference the following link for information about Medicare Parts A & B. Medicare Parts A & B Information

  • Contact information for Medicare:

  • Please complete Section A of this Social Security Form and send it to the MSD Benefits Coordinator. The form will be completed by the District and sent back to you so that you can send it off to receive your Medicare Card.

*The only exception to this age rule is if your birthdate is on the 1st of the month then you will age off the Anthem plan the first of the month prior. Example: John's birthdate is May 1. He will age off Anthem and onto the Medicare Supplement on April 1. This means he would need to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B for April 1st in order to be enrolled in the District Sponsored Medicare Supplement.